Johann Joachim Friedrich Plückhahn

Johann Joachim Friedrich Plückhahn
29.07.1858 (Parum) - 04.05.1949 (Zarrentin)

Family Plückhahn

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In our family research so far, births and deaths of persons with the family names Plückhahn / Plückhan have been determined in the localities included in the map. In the listing, the locations are respectively assigned to a country (e.g., Poland) and a region (e.g., North America) and sorted alphabetically. The list also includes the year of first birth or death and their total number, divided by number of births and number of deaths (e.g. 1646-64-9).

Locations with a high number of events have the symbolrot, further gradation takes place ingelband blau.

The maps are also available on Google Earth or Google Maps. In order to use Google Earth, you must first download the Software from the Internet and installed on your PC.

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