Johann Joachim Friedrich Plückhahn

Johann Joachim Friedrich Plückhahn
29.07.1858 (Parum) - 04.05.1949 (Zarrentin)

Family Plückhahn

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Der Mensch ist erst wirklich tot, wenn niemand mehr an ihn denkt.

Bertolt Brecht
(deutscher Dramatiker und Lyriker)



For the family research on this Web site 1401 persons were recorded with variants of the family name Plückhahn / Plückhan so far. Of this amount, according to person registry the follwoing name variants Plückhahn (741), Plückhan (297), Pluckhahn (124), Plueckhahn (89), Pleckham (68), Pflückhahn (33), Plüghan (23), Pluckhan (18) und Plükhan (8) occurred, the number of people are specified in brackets.

The surname Plückhahn / Plückhan was first found in 1646 in a church record by Groß Godems (Mecklenburg) . Particularly common the surnames Plückhahn / Plückhan were observed according to location registry in Hamburg (128), Dambeck (97), Groß Godems (92), Sagast (54) und Neustadt (48). Regions with high prevalence could be determined in Parchim (Mecklenburg, 243), Prignitz (Brandenburg, 243), Ludwigslust (Mecklenburg, 215), Hamburg (Hamburg, 131) und Rostock (Mecklenburg, 113) in the given total number of events specified in brackets (for details see also Maps).

The objective of this website

The objective of this website is to present information about people with the family name Plückhahn / Plückhan in a family chronicle. In this family chronicle past generations and living generations are recorded and updated in compliance with the data protection rules. This website is a purely genealogical approach in order to evaluate and document family relationships. 

This website does not pursue the goal of family history research, to document the life stories / - relationships of individual families or persons in order not to affect the privacy and family relationships. 

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The first question of many interested parties is whether their own name has already been recorded in the database of the family chronicle. To do this, you should first check the name register whether you or your close relatives have been included in the index.
If you do not find any proof, you should check in the location register whether family members were already registered in a certain region or a specific location. And - with a bit of luck - a family tree has already been created, in which your ancestors and / or relatives have been admitted.

Your family has not yet been included in this family chronicle?   -   Then you can send your contributions at any time on the attached questionnaire. All family data are provided according to the attached data protection declaration.

And what do you get from it?   -   All data provided by you are recorded in the names and location registers and, if the data density is high, are also converted into family trees. All our services are free of charge for the sender. This also includes the transmission of a free pedigree in PDF format. 

Publisher of this website

Publisher of this website is Lutz Rittmeier from 24340 Eckernförde. As far as the Family of the publisher is presented, the section is marked  by the words "Branch Author" as the publisher would like to offer family stories and pictures for his own family on this website.
I thank all relatives and friends for your kind contributions to this website. Prior to an update of the webseite I like to verify your information about the ancestors of the Plückhahn / Plückhan family and update the website if the information are confirmed (please send your contributions via Email to:

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